A Long History

Built in 1726, it is heading round to its 300 years old birthday soon. At one time Nick was the youngest landlord in the country taking the pub at 20 years old, his wife Jane, slightly older by 10 months bemoans toy boys are not all they are cracked up to be. 

It was originally 3 bars the public bar, the snug and the virgins passage! Which was believed to be the “take away” as in the jug and bottle pub it started out as, as not a lot of room to enjoy a pint in there.

The Guvnors

The friendly faces behind the pub

We have been custodians of the building for coming up to the past 37 year and have made the addition of Squiffy’s restaurant and now the serviced Apartments @no.16. 

We have seen many changes in the Village over the years and in the many different cliental who have crossed the threshold. 

The Jolly Coopers is very much apart of the community and Village life, being at the heart of organising the very popular Classics on the Green car show, the great family film fun night Screen on the Green and being heavily involved in the past with the Christmas event in Hampton.  

We have brought several guide dogs donated to many charities local and nationally and been involved in local food banks, school charities and sporting teams. 


We have Jolly Coopers Football Club, Jolly Coopers Golf Society and Jolly Coopers Netball club 

The Football team coached by Nick boasts many players who have been a part of the team from 6 years old and a good number who have been involved from age 11. 

The pub has a bar billiard table that the locals brought for Nicks 40th birthday and it still retains a dart board, no fruit machines or a duke box for the comfort of all the customers. 

Real Ales

The Jolly Coopers is a traditional pub with real ales on tap from local independent breweries that change on a regular basis, family run with good morals and standards, we pride ourselves that anyone can come in and feel they are in a safe environment to enjoy the pub as it should be. 

We have original Coopers tools and lots of picture of Hampton in the past and of course the much-acclaimed rogues gallery in the corridor to the bathroom facilities, showing lots of events and customers who have frequented the Coopers over the years, could you be next to appear on the wall? 

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Home From Home

The Jolly Coopers is not just a pub, it's a home away from home, and it's all thanks to the warm and friendly welcome provided by landlords Nick and Jane. From the moment you step through the door, you're made to feel like part of the family. Nick and Jane have an amazing talent for making everyone feel at ease and comfortable, whether you're a regular or a first-time visitor. Their infectious smiles and bubbly personalities are a true testament to the welcoming atmosphere of this pub. So, if you're looking for a friendly and inviting pub to call your local, look no further than The Jolly Coopers.

The Jolly Coopers Hampton History

A public house has been on these grounds since the 16th Century. The present building having been used as a Glass and Alehouse since 1727. Initially used as a watering hole for the undesirables of Hampton village and the servants from Hampton Court when the Cardinal Wolesey was full to overflowing.
Our Thanks to John Keach & John Taylor for their assistance in putting the following information together it being a correct record of the times as far as we know of the Landords since opening in 1726


Nathaniel Welles


William Poulter




Martha Watts


John Mason


James Manson


John Mason


Robert Grumbrell

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Jonothon Hain


John Wixen


Samual Redford


William Baker


William Hansor


Joseph Budd


William Hansor


James Harris


J. Brigenshaw


James Harris


William Winkfield


William Hamsom


Francis Bowdry


William Strudwick


T. Bird


D. Soanes


H. Ruff


James Roberts


Ernest J. Rust


James P. Hill


Flora F. Law


Sydney F. Creed


George Dancer


Nick Boswood


Vic Clydsdale


John Worrow


Steve Payne


Jean Jeremiah


Nick Witham

The Jolly Coopers

16 High St, Hampton TW12 2SJ / 020 8979 3384 / 07552 728841